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    SsdwLab 6

    Prenatal Aneuploidy Screening Software

    Multi-user, Multi-center, Powerfull, Easy to Use,
    Web Based (LAN or Internet).

  • Sbp Software History

    SBP Soft 2007 S.L.

    Created by doctors with extensive experience in prenatal aneuploidy screening.

  • Sbp Software History

    External Communications

    SsdwLab 6 can transmit data automatically to multiple LIS systems or Ultrasound Machines.

  • Sbp Software History

    Quality Controls Integrated

    SsdwLab 6 integrates advanced quality controls like: Percentage of positive cases, CUSUM, Sensibility - Specificity, Median MoM...

SsdwLab 6 is the latest version of SsdwLab Software.

New concept of aneuploidy prenatal screening software.

Web aplication accesible from any web browser especially targeted to multi-center installations with large number of patients. The modern technology used in this version, allows operation on the internet and local networks with an almost unlimited number of users and institutions working concurrently on a single installation as well as task automation from other IT systems and total connectivity with external laboratory devices, ultrasound equipment, etc.

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Manual Workflow (Home)
Manual Workflow (Screening)
Manual Workflow (Risks)
Manual Workflow (Report)

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Introduction to SsdwLab 6

Introduction to SsdwLab 6

Basic Quality Controls

Percentage of positive cases, Median MoM, Sensibility - Specificity, CUSUM ...

Download User Manual - Versión 6.1.1

Availiable for download the Latest version of SsdwLab 6 User Manual  (Ver. 6.1.1)
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Support & Info contact

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.
support@sbpsoftware.com - Support mail for Ssdwlab 6 clients.
info@sbpsoftware.com - Comercial/Information mail contact