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Herramienta de cribado Prenatal SsdwLab 5  SsdwLab 6:   New improved version of the Prenatal Screening Software SsdwLab

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SsdwLab 6 Screening Screen

antenatal screening Download SsdwLab 6 user manual (English)  antenatal screening

Download SsdwLab 6 user manual (Spanish)


Presentación de SsdwLab 5  SsdwLab 6 Presentation

2007 Soft SBP has developed a new concept of aneuploidy prenatal screening software “Online” especially targeted to multi-center facilities with large number of patients. The modern technology used in this version, allows operation on the internet and local networks with an almost unlimited number of users and institutions working concurrently on a single installation as well as task automation from other IT systems and total connectivity with external laboratory devices, ultrasound equipment, etc.


Videotutorial: ¿Cómo se realiza un cribado combinado del primer trimestre con SsdwLab 5? Video tutorials  SsdwLab6

¿How to make a combined first trimester screening with SsdwLab6?

A practical example of how to perform a first trimester combined screening for prenatal aneuploidy detection with SsdwLab 6 software.


Quality Controls with SsdwLab6

An example of running Ssdwlab6 Quality Controls in prenatal aneuploidy screening.


Automatic calculations in SsdwLab6

Example of running some Automatic calculations in SsdwLab 6:  Medians, weight Corrections,Tobacco, etc..


SsdwLab 5 Distribution, information and maintenance  Distribution, information and maintenance

SBP SOFT 2007 S.L.
C. Joan Maragall 31, 1º C, 17002, Girona, Spain
Telephone & Fax: +34 972 212099
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EC Quality Certificate

The products SsdwLab 5 and SsdwLab 6 from SBP Soft 2007 S.L. company have been certified with the EC Full Quality Aassurance System by the NB 0318.
The SBP Soft 2007 S.L. company has established and applies a quality management system according to the standard UNE-EN ISO 13485.

 CE certification         ISO-13485-Certification           


Website of the new version of SsdwLab prenatal screening software. New user interface redesigned for web-browser access, multicentre and multi-user environments and incorporating many improvements and new features.

SsdwLab 6 Screenshots

 Prenatal screening software SsdwLab 6

Screening search

 Trisomy Risk calcultaions

Risk calcultaions

 Prenatal screening CUSUM


 Mediana MoM Beta

MoM Medians

 Beta regresion preatal screening

Regressions administration

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